9/28/03 -  4/10/2013

Mia is out of our Shania (Mi-T's You're Still The One) sired by the stunning Multi-BIS Am/Can Ch. Summer's Dash Riprock SOMC. She is one of three Champions from this litter. Her littersister Tasha - Ch.Naja's Date with Destiny resides here with us also. Her litterbrother Mr. Spock - Am/Can Ch.Naja's Enterprise of Summer,SOMC CD AGN is loved and owned by Josie O'Reilly of Summer Boxers.

 Mia the day after she finished her American Championship!



Her name Midnight Mischief was given to her because as a puppy she would be the last one up  at midnight playing with her toys while all her littermates were sound asleep. Mia is the energizer bunny. She stays up late and ready to go before the crack of dawn.  With a spring to her step and the sparkle in her eyes this girl always manages to make laugh and smile.  We are very pleased and excited about this fun girl.

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Pictured above at 6mos old





Its been so exciting watching Mia in the ring. She is a true "showgirl" and loves every minute !
Mia sat on the sidelines until 2007 while her littersister Tasha was being shown Even though she got a late start she finished quickly in 2008 a little over a month after her 5th birthday!!


 Ch. Naja's Midnight Mischief!!!!!

  Location Judge Points Handler
Salem,OR Mr.Robert Caswell Jr

WB,BOW,BOS 2 Points

Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Vancouver,WA Mrs.Gay Kuehnel Histake WB 4 Point MAJOR Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Sequim,WA Mrs.Patricia Hastings WB,BOS over special 1 Point Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Sequim,WA Mr.Donald Gill WB,BOW,BOS 1 Point Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Portland,OR Mrs.Donna Cole RWB at OBC Specialty Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Canby,OR Mrs.Judith Brown RWB Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Canby,OR Breeder Judge Mr.Brian Meyer RWB Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Puyallup,OR Mrs.Mary Ann Brocious WB 2 Points Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Puyallup,OR Ms.Mary Helene Brown WB 2 Points Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Vancouver,WA Mrs.Annella Cooper WB 3 Point MAJOR Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Owner handled WB
Redmond,WA Mrs.Britta Roos Borjensen (Sweden) RWB Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Sequim,WA Mr.Chuck Doran Jr. WB 1 Point Cindy Crawford-Gorath
Canby,OR Mrs.Beth Speich RWB to Major Owner handled
Albany,OR Breeder Judge Mr. Joseph Gregory RWB to Major Owner handled

Mia is the 3rd littermate to finish her American Championship from our Shania/Dash litter.
Her Champion littermates are :
Am/Can Ch.Naja's Enterprise of Summer,SOMC CD,AGN
Ch.Naja's Date With Destiny - dam of the 2011 ABC Winners Dog ,Best of Winners

Mia always having fun!


My heart breaks… I cry yet again. My world came to a halt this week as nothing mattered but Mia or as we affectionately called her Mimi. By looking at her physically she looked fabulous. She was such an athletic girl a picture of health. Even at her age she could run and jump so high in the air to catch a ball. She would go and go til you quit .She was our boxer tornado, our ball catcher extraord...inaire, our little mischievous drama queen who did everything with gusto and always with a twinkle in her eye. She was James’ little girl they adored each other. She would snuggle with him and it was never close enough. I swear if she could crawl under his skin she would. She reminded me of her mother Shania in many ways. She had her eyes and it was comforting to me after we lost Shania in Jan 2013 that I could still see her every day when Mimi looked at me… and now that is gone. It felt like I not only lost my sweet whirly twirly Mimi but also lost Shania all over again. A healthy heart a strong rear and that damn cancer gets her (hemagiosarcoma) . She showed no signs til the end, it caught us by surprise. She was brave and she was strong and now she is free. We will miss her energy she was such a bright light in our home and now she shines bright up in the heavens above .. When I look up in the night’s sky and see that bright star that twinkles… I know it’s her. We love you and miss you, our little Mimi!See More

9/28/03 -  4/10/2013




Candid shots of the dogs having fun!


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