6/3/1999 - 1/31/2013

Shania introduced us the dog show world. We would like to thank Shania's breeders Terri and Randy Pope of Mi-T Boxers for entrusting us with such a beautiful sweet girl and for all of the help and support you have given us. Your friendship and guidance are invaluable to us. We are forever grateful.

 Shania  pictured above at  71/2 years old



Shania is sired by the handsome and very sweet Can Ch. Aracrest's Epic CSOM, SOM and out of a beautiful Black Bart daughter Am/CanCh. Mi-T's Bit Of Black & Gold (Anna) who was owned and bred by Terri and Randy Pope of Mi-T Boxers.

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 Pictured winning BOW,BOS her first points owner-handled.
photo credit:©Steven Ross


Shania's beautiful headpiece and sweet soft expression hooked us from the first day we saw her!  A cute story: We went to take a look at her she was 6 months old. We were originally looking for a younger puppy when we contacted Terri Pope. She didn't have any at the time but said she did have a 6 month old puppy bitch she was looking a show home for. So we decided to go take a look. When we got there I think it was instant love both ways. I was sitting on the floor and two puppies Shania and her litter sister Haley came barreling over like 6 month old boxers puppies do and quickly Shania climbed into my lap and looked at me and I swear if she could talk she would have said "Hi mom what took you so long to find me." Anytime her litter sister  tried to get some attention Shania woo wooed at her. She knew, and she was telling her sister they came to see me not you so get lost. That connection is still there. She is always by my side and goes where mommy goes. She reminds me so much of her mother Anna in so many ways. It's funny how they can be so alike. She's an easy going gal, I can take her anywhere and she never seems to get into any trouble. In fact, she is the tattle tail of the bunch.  I know when the boys are up to no good because she comes and lets me know. She loves all she meets and has never met a stranger human or dog.  She's such a big talker and loves to woo when she's excited or telling you a thing or two. She is a very athletic girl an incredible Frisbee catcher. James calls her Buns of Steel. Along with Rocky she is a quite the hunter, always checking out the property from corner to corner  treeing the squirrels that dare come on her side of the fence. Keep an eye out for this beautiful girl and always say hi she will reward you with a big ol' hug Boxer style!

Click to see a  headstudy of Shania taken May 2003

Shania pictured with handler Michelle Yeadon


Shania's champion kids sired by:  Multi BIS Am/Can Ch.Summer's Dash Riprock SOMC

Am/Can Ch.Naja's Enterprise of Summer,SOMC CD AGN - owned by Josie O' Reilly of Summer Boxers
Ch.Naja's Date With Destiny - Lives here with us- Dam of the 2011 ABC Winners dog & Best of Winners
Ch.Naja's Midnight Mischief  - Lives here with us



Shania received her first leg towards her Novice Rally Title on her first time in the ring
 At the Oregon Boxer Club Specialty Under Judge. Mr.Allen E. Immerman
With a score of 96!!!



The lovely Shania on her 11th birthday!

Shania and her sister Tori Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Keepsake of Heartstring


Shania at 12 years young :)

Our Beautiful girl on her 12th Birthday!


Shania Celebrated her 13th birthday June 3rd 2012!!!!!!
She was nice enough to share her ice cream with Apollo but only after she got first licks :)


Mi-T's You're Still The One - Shania 13, Ch.Naja's Date With Destiny - Tasha 8.5 and
GCh.Naja's Mi-T Alliance - Dutch 3



Shania ( 6/3/1999 - 1/31/2013)

Just when I think I have no more tears to cry I think of you and the tears flood my eyes.
Yesterday we said goodbye to our shania. For 13 .5 years she was my shadow , my friend, my companion.

She was our first boxer and introduction to the show world . Because of her it opened the doors to so many things. We tried and experienced so many new things together. It is because of her I have the won
...derful friends that I love so dearly. It is because of her I picked up a camera and shot my first "pretty" dog pic. It is because of her that i have this crazy boxer obsession. It is because of her I now have my Dutch. And it is because of her today I cry like I've never cried before .

While at the vets she was distant, she had a far off gaze due to pain meds. As the dr walked out of the room to get prepare for X-rays shania stood tall and came to me. For a brief moment I could see her again in her eyes and she put her head in my hands on my lap and looked at me. I swear to god I heard her say its ok , I'm ready. I petted her then she sat and her eyes were back to that distant gaze. X-rays confirmed what she had already told me. Her spleen was enlarged and it was time to say goodbye.

She may have not been a champion on paper but she did what good boxers do. They burry themselves so deep in your heart that it hurts when they are gone.

Thank You Terri and Randy Pope for our lovely Shania. She has been an absolute joy for us.
Just as your reg name says..Mi-T's You're Still The One... My sweet Shania you are and will always be .. "The One." We will miss you. ♥
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